Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Week 20 Ultrasound - Waiting room

We found this very interesting; while sitting in the waiting room wondering when we were going to get called back for the ultrasound I was perusing a travel golf magazine. I turned the page and thought that this house looked strikingly similar to ours, and what do you know it was! It was cool yet surreal seeing our home in the golf magazine.

Week 20 Ultrasound

Sorry for the delay everybody. We didnt have an ultrasound last week and momma was on "body rest" so I didnt bother her with picture time and she didnt want too many more funny pictures spoiling all my fun. The ultrasound went well this morning, blood pressure is back down, and the nurse said she is looking good and measuring good. At 20 wks her belly is now measuring 27 wks.

As you can see from this picture Baby B, (Again I can't remember if this is Booger Beasley or Momo but we do know it is a boy now) how clear he is coming in and is clearly more interested in his hand or thumb to his mouth than looking into the camera for his still photo career modeling shot. Stay tuned for a updated belly shot coming soon to a theatre near you...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Week 18 Ultrasound - Gender Time!

The verdict is in...2 Boys and a Girl! Well it looks as though the Tucker name will carry on through two sons and that they should protect and watch over their sis and keep the boys from coming around, so the shotgun and polish rag can stay packed away. Baby A (boy) and Baby B (boy) were fighting and kicking one another while Baby C (girl) had her back to them wanting nothing to do with their nonsense. She would rather a day at the spa.
We would like to send out a special thank you to our parents who visited this past weekend and witnessed this special occasion with us live in the ultrasound room. We love you!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Week 18 Ultrasound - Sex Determination!

Well, D-day has come. On Monday we will find out if the Tucker lineage will carry on and prosper or if I need to polish the shotguns and stock up on buck shot! The parents have all come in town this weekend to go with us to the ultrasound on Monday. Let's hope they all coopoerate and show us the goods so we can in fact determine what everyone is!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Week 17 Ultrasound

As before the whole roster cannot all fit on one page, they are getting too big. This picture of baby B (I can't remember if this is Booger Beasley or Momo according to my 4 year old nephew Conner), came out the best out of the three. It is amazing the amount of detail that can be seen around the head and hands at the mouth area. The chart to the right of the picture is the heartbeat which is 'strong like bull'. This is the one that Ali says takes after me. Just look at the large cranium this child has like daddy. Must be a baby genius!

Week 17 Belly

Whoa Nelly, is she getting BIG! She went to the salon and her stylist was at 16 wks as well with a single and they compared bellies. The other girl barely showed anything while Ali is, I would say, uhh showing as you can see! We went to get the EKG done yesterday and everything came out good so far and then the nurse measured her belly. According to the tape measure her belly is measuring at 23 weeks and she is only 17 weeks. I guess the triplets are starting to fix their own rooms in there.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Week 16 Cravings

Well as you can see when momma gets a craving it will come rain or shine, and in this case there was no shine. I mean damn! She must have wanted that steak somethin' bad. The grill master at work produced yet another fime specimen from the grill to the plate. I see another cookin special coming out for Food TV. I think I have boy meets grill beat on this one.

Hang tight as we should have another ultrasound picture next week unless we get called to the head of the class sooner. If not then maybe I can persuade momma to take another belly picture against her will. Stay tuned...