Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bad Santa

Okay people, who threw the bag of tacks in Santa's lap; c'mon now seriously.  I mean Damn!

Bad Santa

Monday, December 15, 2008

Photo Shoot

We had to go out and buy another camera due to an unfortunate accident with our other one only less than a year of owning it. So we decided to get a professional SLR camera and momma loves it. She took the babies to the park near us and had a photo shoot with the babies to try it on for size.

There are still some technical difficulties attaching the photo montage like I used to, however you can click on the link to take you to see it like before.

Photo Shoot

Still Behind (pun intended)

Ian and Emma wanted to give the subtle hint that daddy was still behind posting to our blog. I added a Thanksgiving post below after needing to download some pics from Grandma Paula's camera.


Thanksgiving 2008

We had Thanksgiving at our house in Bluffton after a last minute change of venues. We were supposed to be at the lake house in Clemson, but with a mass renovation underway, we changed to our place which ended up being a more central location for sister and brother-in-law coming up from Florida. We tried something new this year and grilled our turkey. It was great, we highly recommend it; however, we had to take out a small loan to cook it since it was on a gas grill and had to leave it on half the day. I know I shouldn't be grilling holding my baby; I was just concerned that someone would snatch her away from me, so I had to hold her tight. Don't try this one at home kids.

Thanksgiving 2008
Grilled to Perfection!
Carve Master

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All Aboard!

All aboard! Next stop, the shoe depot. Emma has him trained well doesn't she? She was finally able to put the whip away now that he just starts pushing when he sees her on the bus. She may have to break it back out; however, if he doesn't learn to pay attention to pushing her and pushing her only! Ian does have an affinity for shoes like his daddy; let's just hope his style is limited to those minus the heels. As you can see, Ian is all over the place and can't keep his attention on one thing for very long. Yaya Reid says that I was the same way, changing activities every 5 minutes. I think we can feel safe that Ian won't be a thief either as you can hear him coming from a mile away slapping his hands while crawling. DAT! DAT!

Shoe Train

Are we there yet?

On the way home from Homecoming weekend, (yes still catching up) we had to make more than the usual pitstops to make the superstars happy. Ian likes to drive, Emma likes to watch out the window while brother drives. For all of you nay sayers, you can look out the window and see we are not moving, and that is daddy's Starbucks driving juice not Jesus juice, so don't call social services on us just yet.

Pit Stop #3

College Gameday

Homecoming weekend (again, remember I am behind and trying to catch up for the lack of internet we had for the month, so bare with the travel back in time), we went to Clemson for the game and Ian was quite geared up for it as you can see, as he was up rather early practicing his cheer for the day. After all of his hard work and practice, he found a moment for play and fun.

College Gameday

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We're Baaaack! (on line that is)

Let me start off by apologizing for the delay in posts. We converted my office into a fourth bedroom and upon rearranging the room and relocating the computer, we realized our PC was on th opposite side of the room from the cable modem. After being without internet access for a while until I figured out a solution, we are now back on line. Enough with the excuses; I will be updating for the upcoming week so check back for new posts starting with this one from Halloween. Enjoy!

Halloween 2
(Please click on the link below to see video, I could not attach as normal)

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Walk to Remember

Tuesday evening, Ali, the babies and I went to "A Walk to Remember" at Memorial Hospital where they were born. This is an annual memorial for those who have lost a child. This evening was very special for us, not only because it was for Ethan, but also because this year it just so happened to be scheduled on their birthday, October 21, 2008. Each year, they try to have a theme for the memorial. Coincidentally the theme for the evening was "Ethan's Butterflies", which is a spiritual book written for those who have lost a child. When they read the book to us, we found that it was about a boy who passed and had a brother and sister, who coincidentally again was named Emma. Needless to say, we both turned and looked at each other in shock, now covered with goose bumps. Later in the evening we went outside to a water fountain where they had floating candles for a moment of silence. At this point they began to play our favorite song, which has been played on this blog, "Somewhere over the Rainbow" sung by IZ. It was very emotional, yet special for us as I believe things happen for a reason. This evening was written for us about our baby boy. We miss you son!

Ethan's Butterflies

A Name in the Sand

We would like to thank Jessica of for informing us of a lady in Australia who will go out to the beach and write the name of a child in the sand at sunset and post it on her blog It was very special to us as we had her write Ethan's name in the sand. We will always cherish what she has done for us and our little boy. We miss him. Here is what was posted on the blog.
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ethan Robert Tucker

Ethan Robert Tucker

Triplet A
Born into Heaven October 21, 2007
at 5:49am
Savannah, Georgia
Deeply missed by his Mommy, Daddy,
and triplet siblings Ian and Emma.
Until we meet again...

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sadly the time has come that our babies are growing older. It is hard to believe they are already 1yr old. Ali made little "1" cakes with icing for them to dig in. They weren't really sure what to think of it and it looks like Ian may be a little OCD as he didn't like having all that yick on his hands. Emma couldn't have cared less; she almost ate her whole cake. Little Miss Piggy.

What you don't see here in the video, is that immediately following the clean up Ian's face broke out in horrible hives giving us a little scare. We thought he may have had an egg allergy, but we now believe he had an allergic reaction to th food coloring in the icing. I can hear my sister, Paige, now. The video is a little lengthy, but it is fun.

Happy First Birthday!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Whatchu Laughin' At?

We have the silliest babies. Sometimes for no reason and even at the oddest times, they will sit there, look at one another and just start laughing. It is the funniest thing you have seen. This is the cheapest form of entertainment here!


Ring around the Rosie...

Another oldie but goodie. Ian loves his new tractor from Granny. So much so he takes it from Emma and makes her cry; big meanie. Poor little Emma she tries to keep up with Speed Racer and just can't. We took them outside for a surprise ride on the tractor and ran them up and down the street on it and they couldn't get enough. Little Miss Sunshine cries when you take her off it because she doesn't want to stop riding. She drama queen!

Round and round he goes, where he stops no one knows!

And we're walking, we're walking...

Well it wasn't long after Ian began standing that he took to walking along the length of the couch. Of course it took some persuading with an electronic gadget. The next thing you know we'll blink our eyes and he will be big enough to walk the length of the bar to get his own Guiness.

Walk the Line

...You make bath time so much fun!

You know you're getting old if you remember this jingle; better yet if you remember the beginning of it. Bath time is a fun time we have with the kids. We close them in their room, undress them and then throw the door open to see if they can find the bathroom. Release the hounds! This was a long video so I had to cut it down to size. They bolted out the door and went right past the bathroom, but found their way once momma turned the water on.

Bath Time

Saturday, September 20, 2008

1st Clemson Game (Live)

Okay now I know if you remember an earlier post titled "Ist Clemson Game", it was when the kids were much younger and listened to it from their pack-n-play while we watched the game. Now this one is legit and they watched it live from the coveted "West Zone", thanks to G'Pa and G'Ma Marshall. We were worried about the chiren getting scared from the noise, people and especially the cannon fire, but they did great and looked to have a great time aside from one picture of Emma fussing.

1st Clemson Game

Get up Stand up...

Now that Ian and Emma are all over the place and falling over bonking their heads from time to time, we now have to worry about that little thing called elevation coupled with the acceleration from gravity. Ian has figured out how to pull himself up; therefore if he falls, the height and speed at which his head reaches the floor has just increased exponentially.

Monkey Boy

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Double Trouble

Oh its on now! We are in some serious trouble. It has been rough with Ian crawling and getting into EVERYTHING, but now Emma has figured it all out by watching big brother. Now if they can just learn the diversionary tactics to get one of us going one way while the other baby goes the other way, then we will be in serious trouble. I am so proud of her! She has been trying SO hard for SO long and when she finally did it for the first time, you could see it in her face how proud she was of herself. Funny enough, the actual first time she crawled I didn't have the video camera, but the first thing she crawled for was the power outlet. Yes, I know what you are saying right now, however, it was covered. But of course that is what she went for first damn it. After video taping her, she crawled to the front door and then pulled herself up to look out. She looked over her shoulder with a big smile as to say, "Look daddy I finally did it, aren't you proud of me?" It was the cutest thing ever! I hate to say it with all the great things that have transpired, but this is the proudest moment I have experienced thus far. She has worked so hard and been so frustrated to see her mobile brother while she sat there and watched.

Emma Crawl

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hello, hello, hello...Is there anybody in there?

I think Emma wants to be an astronomer. She has discovered a new black hole in the 'Sand Bucket' constellation. Life ,as we know it, has still yet to be discovered in the "Emma Black Hole", but she is working hard at getting a response back from someone or something.

Microphone Check

Check One Two

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

We've gone mobile!

Well, we have come to that point where all hell has finally broken loose. We can no longer just set a baby down and walk to the other side of the room to get something. We have to watch their every move now. We've gone mobile! Just wait; it won't be long before they are teaming up on us when one of us is alone with them. "Hey, you distract mom/dad while I run for the goodies!"

Creepy Crawlers

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hissy Fit

Just like Dr. Jeckyl and Ms. Hide, Emma will be laughing one minute and throw her little hissy fit the next. Here is an example of her hissy fit while eating. We are not quite sure if it is because she doesn't like her squash or if it is because momma isn't feeding her fast enough.

Ms. Hissy

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bounce with me Bounce with me...

Ian loves his bouncer that Yaya Reid and Poppie Wayne bought him and his sister. He loves to get down in it and shake his thang. Here is a little mix of him jumping to the music. Check it out, check it check it out!

Lil Bouncer

Saturday, July 5, 2008


NYC here we come! She is such a little cutie patootie. She is such a ham, whenever the "hamera" comes out she strikes a look or a pose.

Gisele Who?

Play Station

The same weekend we went to the lake and had our first swim, Bob and Paula bought an excersaucer for the babies because we couldnt fit ours in the already "sausage casing" stuffed van of ours. It is a little different than the one they were used to but that didnt matter as they took right to it and loved it. Ian is already working on his first Frankestein while Emma just studies all of the pieces.

Mad Scientist
Emma plays

Little Crabs

We went to Florida for Tricia's (Ali's sister) babyshower. It was being held out side at their pool and Ali had found these crab floats she wanted to get for them. They absolutely loved them. They would sit inside these floats and just kick their legs like it was nobody's business. Unfortunately we ended our trip a little early as the babies caught their first cold and we left in the middle of the night not to impose. They were sick for the following week but they loved their little crab floats. Thanks mommy!

Little Crabs
Emma Crab Float
Ian Crab Float

First Swim

When visiting the lake house in Clemson we picked up a kiddie pool and tried to give the first swim thing a chance. As you can see from Emma's pouty lip she didnt like it too much at first but it was more so because we tried to do this right at her nap time. Dont take away from her nap time or she will let you know! You can see their cute little swim suits here, those didnt last long either. Especially Ian, the only suit he likes to wear is his birthday suit. Disclaimer: in order to keep this blog G rated the naked baby pictures in the pool were left out.
First Swim

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Play Fight

Okay here is my favorite picture thus far. Nanny Grace caught a great picture of the two littlin's play fighting in the crib. Don't they just look like they have been caught in the act. Too cute!

Play Fight

Monday, May 19, 2008

Fashion photo shoot

We had a photo shoot in the nursery the other day and as you can see all the top designers were there. First we have in the Bumbo; Ian wearing Burpberry, fittingly so as he is quite the belcher. Next you can see Emma so aptly wearing Louis Spitton, as she has been known to spit up with the best of them in the industry. Next, Ian is back and can be seen, this time sporting Pradada, as he is taking a strong liking to his dada. And finally Emma is back out and can be seen this time in her Gucci Coo, just like she likes to talk to her daddy. Special thanks to all the top designers in the industry for choosing our beautiful children to sport their new line of clothing and accessories.


Louis Spitton


Gucci Coo

Prego, It's in there!

Here are some pictures of Tricia for which I am sure to lose my tail over if she gets a hold of me. Ali wanted me to put them on here...yeah that's it, that sounds great!

Full Frontal Profile

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Monday, May 12th at 2:24 PM after a landspeed record setting induction, Cullen Michael Watson was born to Hannah and Mark Watson weighing in at 7lbs. 6ozs. and 19 inches long. We wish you guys the best of luck and hope for many play dates once the chiren get older. Sorry but I had to add the breakfast picture to the end. Classic!

Real Food!

Ian and Emma are so adorable in the mornings when we go in to wake them up first thing. I look forward to that first look when they wake and open their eyes to find us standing above them. They look up to us with that curious smile (and sometimes mischievous look depicting what the day may be like), but little did they know this morning was going to be different for them. By the looks on their faces they are not too sure what to make of this stuff.

Henderson, NC 2008 Golf Tournament

Every year I play in a golf tournament where my Dad's side of the family is from in Henderson, NC. They all grew up playing there and my cousins lived on the 17th and/or 8th depending on what year it was and whether they switched the nines around. My uncle Bob's health is dwindling, so we had a small family reunion this year for the tournament. Both my cousins, Bill and Phil, were there as well as my parents. We took the kids along for another trip to see some of the family for the first time. Here is a montage of the kids mostly with Yaya Reid and Poppie Wayne. As you can see Ian and Poppie bonded quite a bit and they both got their first driving lesson. This one is dedicated to Bob Hunt. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Growler and Tiny Dancer

Ian likes to have growling contests with his daddy and tries to out do him from time to time by getting louder and louder. Emma gets excited when I make dance music and dance with her. Here she would stiffen up and wiggle around on Yaya Reid.

The Growler
Tiny Dancer

The First Supper!

Here is a video montage of the first supper of cereal. Their faces are funny trying to realize what they are getting into and the new texture they are experiencing. They love their cereal time now!

The First Supper

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spontaneous Trip

We made a spontaneous jump to go to Charleston and visit some friends; moreover, to give momma the confidence she needs to travel and be on the road with them by ourselves. She does great but sweares she is no good and worried she will ruin their lives if everything thing is not perfect. What a great mother! Here are a few pictures of when we visited Brad, Sarah and Hunter. Hunter was enthralled with the babies and here he is enjoying his time holding the babies. Thank you guys for having us and for your hospitality; the sushi was great thanks!

Hunter and Babies
Hunter and Ian
Hunter and Emma

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This past weekend we made a surprise trip to Cocoa Beach, FL to visit Granny with the kids. It was a great surprise and a fun filled weekend with Granny, Auntie Tricia, Nathan and including their very first trip to the beach. We dipped their feet into the ocean. They didn't like it too much since the water was still a little chilly, however, they forgave us for it since they forgot about it so quickly. Following is a great montage of our weekend pics with a little Hawaiian beachy music. Careful, it will make your eyes well up a little; Ali must be giving me some estrogen pills or something or I must just be getting soft in my old age. I was weeping like a little girl watching this after its completion.

1st Beach Trip

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Blogger

Ian wasn't too pleased with the job I was doing with the blog site and the amount of postings I created, or the lack thereof, so he decided to take over and take care of the blog site all by his lonesome. He has taken quite well to the computer and has learned quickly without the help from his daddy other than a boost up to see what he is writing. See for yourself if you dont believe me.
New Editor-in-Chief

Friday, March 28, 2008

Road Trip!

A couple weeks ago we had to go to Greenville, SC (our old stomping ground) for a wedding that Ali was in and this was a big deal! Not because she was in a wedding but because it was our first road trip with Ian and Emma in the car for more that 10-20 minutes; try more like 5 hrs! Yep, so to say the least, we were very worried with how they would do. They did great and nearly made it the whole way, only having to stop and feed/change once along the way. This video montage is of some moments captured while staying at the lake house at Lake Keowee. Mary Wayne and 2 of the Kinard Family triplets, Mary Frances and Elizabeth, came to visit and loved Emma as you will see and then some fun time with Grandpa Bob and Grandma Paula at the lake house. Watch out for the shrapnel at the end of the video! Incoming!

Road Trip

Chatty Cathy

Emma is turning into quite the little Chatty Cathy these days. She has discovered how to change the inflection of her voice to where it sounds like she is saying "Uh oh" and then just the other day out of no where she found the higher pitch of her voice. She is learning how to squeal now which can be seen in the third video of this trio.

Chatty Cathy

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its Bumbo Time!

Here are some cute pictures of the chiren having Bumbo and belly time. Ian is funny in his bumbo; it looks like he is having a big ol' belly laugh. And then the two of them holding hands is cute too! Funny kids.

Friday, March 21, 2008


Momma says, "Life is like a box of chocolates... Ian and Emma are what you're gonna get!" That's all I have to say about that.


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Da Boys

Monday is the day that I have with the chirren and we get to have fun playing, napping and feeding; repeat if necessary. This past Monday, Ian was in one of those holding moods. He knew exactly when I was leaning over to put him in his chair, swing, crib or anything and therefore began wailing. So I ended up holding him for HOURS. Who needs the gym when you can carry and lift these little dumbells all day long. Momma was missing her babies at work so I snapped a Kodak moment of the boys chillin' on Daddy's day. Emma decide she wanted to take a nap ALL day since she kept mommy and daddy up all hours of the morning, hence her absence from any pictures on Daddy's day.

Da Boys

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Old Yeller!

Those dastardly hiccups! Emma is funny when she gets fed up with something, she doesn't cry she just likes to yell. I guess they are practicing for the future; Emma is nagging already and the look on Ian's face telling her "Enough with the naggin' woman". Check out the video and at the end Ian is just looking up like "What the hell was that all about"!

Old Yeller!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Brother Bully

This was a funny picture that was captured looking like the kids got in their first fight and Ian punching Emma in the side fo the head. She doesnt look too phased by it however.
Big Brother

Monday, February 18, 2008

Daddy Crush

Someone has a crush on her daddy. She has already learned to hook her daddy and reel him in with the smiles and coos practicing for when she really needs the car or credit card in the future. Both of their first pseudo words is "Goooaaallll"! We have transformed the "Goo" into "Goal" and they are working on it. Emma has this cute little laugh she has learned where she inhales and squeals after talking to her daddy. Check it out.

Mr Smiley

As you have seen before in some of the still photos, Ian is quite the Mr. Smiley. He is so happy and cheerful in the mornings unlike his groggy daddy. We wish it was morning all the time around here since they like to have their fussy times in the evening and dont smile quite so much. Here is a video of how his mornings are and how smiley he is.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Walentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone from the Tucker babies who look like they enjoyed this very much. Ian's face is priceless looking like he is wondering what in the world he is going through.
Tucker Valentine Babies

Ian Ross

Emma Reese

Thursday, February 7, 2008

How do You Spell Relief?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words; however, they don't say how much funnier the picture would be with a sound clip attached to it. This is a cute picture and the only thing missing is the sound clip we wish we had to attach. It sounded like Emma had just torn threw her pjs and ripped her diaper. Ali and I could not stop laughing at this adorable look on her face as to how much better her belly felt after the chainsaw went off. Now that is how you spell relief!

Ahhhh! Much better!

Who Dat?

Does this look like the crying babies may have scared one of the kitties? We have established a fussy hour or six starting around 6pm until around 10 or 11pm. I think the kitties are used to the noise now, but it did scare them before and make them run. As you can see one of them was peeking around the corner to see if it was okay to come back out before WWIII started back up again.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Yin and Yang Twins

The kids had another doctors appointment this morning to get another Synagis shot, which is comparable to a flu shot but not as strong and made for preemies. They were also weighed again and it is official; we have some fat babies! Ian weighed in at 11.2 lbs. and Emma weighed in at 9.4 lbs. They are almost 3.5 months and growing. Good Lord!

Yin Yang Twins

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1st Dinner Out

Last night we went to the River Club to have dinner for Italian Tuesday and decided to take a risk during "fussy time" and bring the chiren out to dinner with us. All the workers at the Club have been asking about the babies so now they were able to experience them first hand. As you can see they were wide awake for everyone to see and they finished everything on their plates. One too many cocktails I guess and then they passed out before mommy and daddy could finish. Ian, however, did decide to wake up and start fussing just as soon as our dinners were laid before us. We were able to experience our first "box it up" with the desserts due to our chiren. How sweet it is!

Yum Yum Gimme Some

Pictures Galore!

Mr. Dimples

Zoolander (Blue Steel)

Ms. Smiley
Big Eyed Emma
Emma Sweet

Kiss from Ian

Sleepy Twins

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Lollipop Kid

Ian was having fun the other night and apparently he had some tunes going on in his head or the little voices where singing in his ear. You can see him here bobbing his head to the music.

Lollipop Kid

Cutie Pie

Emma is so cute here. She sticks her tongue out all the time whether she is hungry or not and she loves to hear us talk to her now. She is becoming very responsive and is so close to letting out a laugh when talking to her but just cant get it out ye. She is Ms. Smiley everytime you talk to her.

Smiley Tongue

Friday, January 11, 2008

Hush Brother!

I don't care what you have to say brother. I'm not trying to hear that see! Talk to the hand, mmm hmm mmm hmm!


Baby Collage

Grandma Paula used a program on her camera software to make this collage of baby pictures she took while visiting at various times. There are some funny ones in here of sleeping babies, funny babies, Clemson babies and SCREAMING babies.

Babies Everywhere

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Jessie Doo

We went to visit our good friends the Fishers last Sunday while having our first big babies' day out. We went to the outlets and walked around and then visited Erin and Fish. They got to see the babies for the first time and hold them. Their little baby Pomeranian Jessie was obviously jonesing for a baby in the household. She was climbing all over the babies and smelling them and kissing them and getting so excited she thought she finally had some little buddies to play with. She wanted a baby from her parents so bad that she nabbed Ian's hat when he wasn't looking. Jessie just wanted to give her parents a hint that she wants a buddy or two and they should get to work on that immediately and she was going to sleep with the hat until they did.

Jonesing Jessie

Thursday, January 3, 2008

National Lampoon's Bluffton Vacation

The Griswalds..uhh I mean the Tucker's and Gossman's were able to get the family together to see the new additions to the family. We had a great time visiting and being able to see Paige, Jason and Conner who live out in N. Hollywood, CA. Thankfully Conner did leave the children with us and decided not to take them back to Cali with him. He thought they would miss their parents. And for this vacation we didn't have and old RV parked outside dumping the john into our sewer like Christmas vacation (S#!ter's full!). Take a look at this crazy bunch. We put the FUN in disFUNctional!

Tucker Gossman Family Vacation
(The Griswalds)

Even though Conner decided to leave the babies with us, there was a time he thought about it and had the babies in hand ready to head out the door. Only problem...he didnt have a hand to fetch his keys. Cute picture though!

Baby Snatcher