Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oldfield Member Spotlight

Every month Olfield does a member spotlight for new members who have just moved into the community. Since we JUST moved in three years ago, I guess it is fitting that we should make the member spotlight now; yeah it makes sense to me too. They are doing a little write up about us, yada yada yada, (I just yada yada'ed past the good stuff)! When the Oldfield magazine comes out next month I will scan it and add to the blog.
Tucker Family

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lila Bean

We would like to introduce niece/cousin Lila Elizabeth Weis at 5 months and 13.5 lbs.  We didn't introduce her earlier due to a rough start.  There were some troubles at birth causing a collapsed lung leading to a lack of oxygen and some seizures.  Two hospital changes later and they got little miss cutie patootie all fixed up and as you can see she is doing great.

Rockey Horse

Strike a Pose

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Walk About

Well, again we have reached another milestone. Ian is officially walking. A couple of nights ago it just clicked with him. He was toying with the idea of letting go of objects and taking a few steps and then dive-bombing onto whatever was closest (usually the hardwood floor). Now he has realized that it is definitely easier to get from A to B by just letting go and taking to the street. We find him just randomly walking around the room now like he is lost (knowing he is a little man and won't stop to ask for directions).

Ian Walking

Emma is so close. She has actually gone through the progression from crawling to standing and attempting to walk faster than Ian did. Ian is the pioneer, while Emma sits back and watches him do all the hard work; then she perfects it! She works smarter not harder. Brilliant girl after her daddy's own heart.

Emma Walking

Friday, January 16, 2009

Emma Standing

The kids are becoming more and more fun everyday.  Ian is getting more confident with letting go and just taking off and walking, whereas he was a little hesitant before.  He is in a dive bomb phase after a couple steps, which seems to be very fun for him.  You will be able to see this midway through the video, all while trying to be a camera hog as usual.  

Emma sees her brother getting all the attention from the walking he is doing and wants a piece of the action now.  She stands and hits us to let us know she is doing so; "Hey look at me!".  I just need to teach her to hit all the boys in the same manner to fend them off.  We have already taught her to say "no, no, no", to the boys, while shaking her finger side to side but that is for another video.  She loves a big fuss to be made of her as you can see.  Enjoy, we have been!

Emma Standing

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Take a peak...I dare ya!

Emma says "Take a look just beneath our profile labeled 'About Us' and you will find a picture of me titled, 'Tucker Family Web Gallery'."  "Click on my tushy and you can follow me to our new web gallery where all of our Tucker Family photos are located."  For obvious reasons we don't download every image we have, yet you will be able to see them all in our gallery and even download the ones of your choosing if you would like.  This is especially great for the grandparents that wish to print out every single one to wallpaper their entire office, but I won't mention any names YaYa Reid don't worry.

I Triple Dog Dare Ya!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Maxin' and Relaxin'

DAMMIT woman; where's my beer...and while you are at it fix me a chicken pot pie!

Remote Control Hog

Friday, January 2, 2009

Post Christmas/New Year

Christmas has come and gone and a new year is upon us.  How fast the kids have grown; just as everyone told us.  The house is empty now from the Holidays and the kids miss everyone and all the attention they received.  If I didn't know any better I would say that they prefer that everybody move in with us so that everyone is at their disposal at ALL times.

We look forward to what surprises and shining moments we happen to capture in the New Year, and to all the trips and many visitors to come.  Many thanks to everyone who had a hand in helping us through the past year, we appreciate it and will most likely hit you ALL up for it again!

Where'd Everyone go?

Norman Rockwell Christmas Morn

Ahh Christmas morn.  Technically this is the babies' second Christmas, however they slept through the first one being only 2 months old and all.  The babies loved their presents and having a house full of company to spoil them and hold them all the day long.  Their favorite gift...the big red wagon.  They cry to go outside ALL the time now to go for a ride in their wagon.

For Us?
This one's for you mommy
I love my train
Com'on everybody let's go!

First Hair Cut

Just before Christmas we went to Florida to visit MiMi Bette, Auntie Tricia, Uncle Nathan and Lila Bean.  While there, we decided that Ian needed to be removed of his mullet, thus leading us to his first hair cut. He did very well and sat there quietly wondering what we were doing to him.  He did at one point think about crying, but only stuck his bottom lip out and pouted for a second.  Daddy leaned in and gave him a pep talk and he was back to normal.  Just look at that could you not love him?

First Hair Cut
Please daddy why?
Pouty Lip