Tuesday, November 25, 2008

All Aboard!

All aboard! Next stop, the shoe depot. Emma has him trained well doesn't she? She was finally able to put the whip away now that he just starts pushing when he sees her on the bus. She may have to break it back out; however, if he doesn't learn to pay attention to pushing her and pushing her only! Ian does have an affinity for shoes like his daddy; let's just hope his style is limited to those minus the heels. As you can see, Ian is all over the place and can't keep his attention on one thing for very long. Yaya Reid says that I was the same way, changing activities every 5 minutes. I think we can feel safe that Ian won't be a thief either as you can hear him coming from a mile away slapping his hands while crawling. DAT! DAT!

Shoe Train

Are we there yet?

On the way home from Homecoming weekend, (yes still catching up) we had to make more than the usual pitstops to make the superstars happy. Ian likes to drive, Emma likes to watch out the window while brother drives. For all of you nay sayers, you can look out the window and see we are not moving, and that is daddy's Starbucks driving juice not Jesus juice, so don't call social services on us just yet.

Pit Stop #3

College Gameday

Homecoming weekend (again, remember I am behind and trying to catch up for the lack of internet we had for the month, so bare with the travel back in time), we went to Clemson for the game and Ian was quite geared up for it as you can see, as he was up rather early practicing his cheer for the day. After all of his hard work and practice, he found a moment for play and fun.

College Gameday

Thursday, November 20, 2008

We're Baaaack! (on line that is)

Let me start off by apologizing for the delay in posts. We converted my office into a fourth bedroom and upon rearranging the room and relocating the computer, we realized our PC was on th opposite side of the room from the cable modem. After being without internet access for a while until I figured out a solution, we are now back on line. Enough with the excuses; I will be updating for the upcoming week so check back for new posts starting with this one from Halloween. Enjoy!

Halloween 2
(Please click on the link below to see video, I could not attach as normal)