Friday, August 31, 2007

Potty Breaks

You guys have to check this out. Okay, I realize it seems as though I am being mean and insensitive video taping my wife as she struggles to get off the couch for a potty break as she does every ten minutes; however, I couldn't help but to capture this to show the world what she endures day after day. I hope you enjoy because I am in serious doo doo now for doing this and may be on restriction!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Week 24 Ultrasound - Gymnast

Finally a good ultrasound picture that is someone other than our model son Baby B. This is Baby C practicing her gymnastics and seeing how limber she is before she gets ready for her next sommersault (which has been happening quite frequently). If you look closely you can see her profile at the middle left of the picture with her chin near her knees. The bright white lines are her leg bones with her butt all the way to the right and then her legs extending back above her head. Look at her cute little feet dangling. Remember the movie "Aliens" when it came out of that guys stomach, well Ali's belly resembles that when Baby C is kicking and sommersaulting.

Our next ultrasound is scheduled for next Tuesday the tenth so stay tuned for the next report of the heartbeats and cervical length checks. Keep on cookin'!

Week 24 Belly

MY BIG FAT GREEK PREGNANCY! Just spray some Windex on it. Its growing, growing GONE! This is for those belly enthusiasts out there that keep telling me they want more to see how big her belly is. How dare you guys say that you want to see my big bellied wife. She is still home and doing well and the cervix is holding strong after sewing her shut to make sure the babies couldnt come out to play just yet.

The prayers are working keep them coming. We would like at least 6 more weeks and the turkey popper should be poking out. Maybe I can convince Ali to get a picture of that belly button when the turkeys are done. I dont know we'll see about that one.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Week 23 - Homeward Bound!

Taxi! Finally we were able to take her home where all of our cats were wondering who this stranger is that I was bringing into their home. She is back and doing the monitoring from home again and the travel home gave her some irritablility but she had a good morning this morning. We go back for a 48 hr check up tomorrow to make sure she is doing okay at home and not have to go back to jail until the buns have cooked a little longer.
Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy as the nurse did not want to slow down for the picture. She had better things to do such as running me down for getting in her way! Thanks to everyone for the support through phone calls, emails and prayers. We hope they all help to keep the buns in the oven a little while longer.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Week 22 - Update

Thank you to every one who has called in with their support and concern. Ali is doing well after her little procedure and feeling better with minimal pain now. She had a cervical cerclage put in to prevent pre term labor and try to keep the oven door closed for at least 5 more weeks. We of course would rather longer but we need at least 5 more weeks.

As you can see above the children are at home sad crying into the pillows cuz they miss their momma. She hasnt been home in a while and they think she left us. I reassure them that she is coming home soon enough with 3 little suprises for them. Hopefully they will like them when they come home with momma.

We should hear something next week if she can come home for a little bit if she stabilizes more or if she is in the clink for the duration. I'll try to sneak in a nother belly picture, don't tell. Its getting HUGE!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Week 22 - Baby Size Perspective

Well we are at 22 weeks and counting and the babies keep on growing and growing but they sure are giving their momma a heck of a time keeping her in the hospital for an extended period of time. I have been commuting back and forth keeping her company and staying some nights at the hospital with her and I must say that the pull out chair/beds suuuurre are comfortable. As a matter of fact I recommend everyone run out and get one this weekend for you sleeping pleasure. Who needs ambien when you have those concrete slabs to knock yourself out on.
The babies are helathy and doing well, babies A and C are weighing in at a pound and baby B is at a pound six ounces. It must be that large cranium he has like his daddy's. Smart kid! The picture above shows you the size of a baby in the belly at 22 wks. Multiply that by three and it gives you an appreciation for what Ali is going through with those little boogers.

Sorry no ultrasound this week because of the extended stay hotel we have been enjoying, more to come later. She may be getting out on Friday at the earliest. Thank you everyone for all the kind words and prayers we appreciate them and definitely need them to keep these babies where they are for a couple more months in order to emerge healthy.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Week 21 - Hospital Rest

Sorry for the lack of updates as Ali got called to the front of the class again before we were ready. We have been in the hospital all week with contractions trying to calm the soccer team down. They have been kicking a little too much and aggrevating her uterus a bit. Things are good as of now and stable and should possibly be discharged tomorrow unless the team goes back out for another game.

I found out that the hospital is wireless so I am able to update the webpage with pictures like these while I am here and taking pictures from my phone. Next ultrasound is Tuesday so we should have another update here shortly with some more pictures of the turbulent triplets.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Week 20 - Test Run!!!

We had the pleasure of our fisrt test run last night. Earlier this week the nurse put Ali on a uterin monitor while at home to make sure that things were in check throughout the upcoming weeks on bed rest. Ali had been a little dehydrated the past couple of days which in turn was causing some contractions and subsequently lighting up the monitor like a Christmas Tree. We end up having to make our first nerve wracking delivery test run from our home to Memorial 45 minutes away. Thankfully pre-term delivery tests (Fetal Fibrinectin) came back negative and it was something that a couple IV bags of saline took care of. Needless to say we are both like zombies today after getting home after 2 this morning. Welcome to the world of no sleep huh?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Week 20 Belly

Okay. This ones for you Katie (the Kinard triplet mom). I had to wrestle her off the couch and knock the 5 gallon jug of ice cream out of her kung fu grip just to steal this picture of the belly which is in high demand. I was screamed at to leave the head out of the shot as she was not ready for her close up. You owe me for this one...I have scars to prove it!