Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Miss You!

Ethan Robert Tucker

Happy Birthday buddy we miss you!


Birthday number 3 already? WOW! They were so excited for this day to come, we stormed into the room started singing happy birthday. Ian popped up with a big old grin on his face and Emma buried her face and started to cry. Poor thing, not sure if it was the terrible singing that made her cry or if it just scared her. Then we get downstairs and Emma doesn't want her cinnamon roll breakfast, just the usual bowl of cereal. After much persuasion, Emma finally agreed to blow out the candles and reached to grab one only to burn her finger on hot wax. Poor girl! Aside from the few moments of drama, it was a good morning! School party and family parties yet to come, YAY!!! (Click on any of the photos to see more on our web gallery).

We're 3!!!


Make a Wish!