Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Merry Mimmas Everyone!

Ah yes, Mimmas time again. The kids are having a grand time this year and are very much involved and loving every minute of it. The mall of Savannah had a Mimmas Choo Choo that we had to ride, which of course we had to ride a couple times. We then went to go pick out the Mimmas Tree and the kids loved decorating and directing where each and every ornament needed to be for sheer perfection. Later that night was time to make the Mimmas Cookies. Ian and Emma love to stand in the "help mommy" to help make anything. This time it was to make the Mimmas Cookies. Emma's decorating hand got a little heavy with the red sprinkles, thus leaving little to be found of the cookie after she was done. As usual click on each picture to be redirected to the web gallery of each album. Merry Mimmas everyone!

Mimmas Tree
Mimmas Cookies
Mimmas Choo Choo

Friday, December 4, 2009

1st Official Golf Outing...FORE!

We had our first official golf outing and had a great time. The kids love to run on the "Big up" (mounds around the green) and sit in the cart and watch daddy's "Big Hit". They had such a good time they keep saying "golf with daddy?" They made great caddies and there were even a couple funny moments when daddy was over the putt getting ready to hit when someone decided to walk over and grab the golf ball from in front of me and walk away, classic! That would have been great for a funniest home video moment.

Golf Outing
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