Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Habersham Trail Ride

Now that it has finally started to warm up and the massive 1-2 inches of snow melted (minutes later), we have been able to take a couple trail rides through the beautiful landscape of Habersham. You can see how picturesque it is through here and then throw in a couple adorable kids and what do you get...take a look and see.

Habersham Trails

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blizzard of 2010!

(click picture for web gallery)
It was mass chaos in SC as the winter storm (Blizzard of 2010) rapidly approached. Before the first snowflake fell, the grocery stores were flooded with panic. Rioting and looting occurred to gather up all the canned goods and bottled water, just in case the mere couple inches we were supposed to get froze door hinges or prevented the doors from opening. Cars were parked in the garages and keys hung on their respective hooks as no one dare drive with a single snowflake on the streets to prevent the cars from spinning violently out of control off the roads.

Given that news flash, the kids had a great time playing in their first snow. They went running through it, made snowballs and even helped neighboring children build snowmen. It did turn into a double edge sword however as the kids played without gloves the first time (no thanks to mommy and daddy), their hands got cold and they began to cry. We told them to lets go inside and warm up our hands and come back out and that made them cry even more because they didn't want to go inside, rather play in the snow. It was a fun filled day and pictures to boot. Even the oxymoron picture of the palm tree with snow.