Saturday, December 29, 2007

Baby Heist

I received a funny phone call this morming from my nephew Conner who is in town visiting my parents in VB. They are making their way to see us in Bluffton and will be here the 1st-3rd. I heard his cute little voice on the phone telling me that he was in his Hummer truck on his way to SC to get the babies and take them back to California with him. He did mention that it would take him a while to get here but he was on his way! You can see him here waving himself off from my parents.
Baby Thief Culprit

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Air band Rock Out!

Check this out, one of Ian's Christmas presents was an air guitar. (He doesn't know that it is not a real guitar so let's keep that a secret) But as you can see he is rockin' out with it strumming that guitar. He is getting into it so much that he's even got his eyes closed felling the song in his head. If we could only hear what tune he is playing or composing. I need to get a hold of my brother-in-law Jason to get him to record and produce this song for him and get his first album out. How's his technique Jason does he have what it takes to make it big so he can support his momma and me so we can quit work and retire early?

Pour Some Sugar on Me!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Well the babies' first Christmas went swimmingly. As you can tell from the pictures below that tearing into their gifts completely wore them out. We could not keep them off of all their gifts that everyone got for them and if you look closely you can even see how excited they are about their presents. We thank all of you for the precious toys, sweaters, lions, tigers and bears oh my!

We do apologize for the lack of updates however our saving Grace does not start with us until Jan 1st except for the couple of weekends she was here to help us keep our sanity. Not to use as an excuse, but to say the least, we have had our hands full with trying to stay awake and keep them alive and go to work full time as well. A special thank you to Bob and Paula who have come to our rescue a couple times to help us out until Grace can make it. Maybe we just need to look for another stay at home mom to live in with us. Sounds good to me!

Ian's Robe (Merlin the Magician or Santa's Helper)
Emma's Robe (Can't you see how excited she is)
Ian's Toys
Emma's Stocking

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Ian Discovers Daddy's Soul Patch

Ian has started discovering textures such as Daddy's scruffy face. Lately he has noticed my soul patch and started grabbing on to it and running his fingers through feeling this new stuff he has never seen or felt before. He also likes when dadddy makes little farting noises on his mouth as you can see from this video. When they are hungry they both try to eat my mouth when I makes these vibrating noises on their llips. Its cute.

Also seen in the background, Nanny Grace can be seen slaving away in the kitchen making Christmas treats for all the boys and girls.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Proud Grandpa

Bob and Paula came to visit when the children were released from neonatal prison to help us out and spend Thanksgiving with us as well. This is a picture that Paula captured while Bob was holding Emma. Notice Ian in the background looking over wondering why his Grandpa won't hold him.

Grandpa Bob

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Pictures

Well that time is upon us again and how quickly it has arrived. Only this time we have two new additions to the family to hang from the chimney with care. We actually thought about putting the kids in their stockings and taking a picture but we decided not to. Instead, we took pictures in their cute little monogrammed outfits we bought them. My parents were in town for the weekend last week and took these pictures for us.

Family Photo

HEY MA! Where's my bottle o' eggnog!