Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Emma got her first splinter during our first "Dingy" ride. We rode over to the playground, and then sat out on the dock. When leaving to head home she got a splinter getting up from the dock and we had to go home to perform major life threatening surgery (at least to her judging from the picture). Dr. Tucker to the rescue and Emma is now all better.

Major Surgery
Daddy's Hurting Me!
Oh The Humanity!

New Bike Buggy - "Dingy"

I surprised the kids with a new bike buggy just as the weather is breaking, so we can go on trail rides throughout Oldfield. Ian jumped right in and was ready to go. Emma on the other hand was rather hesitant and had to see Ian ride first to make sure it didn't eat him or hurt him in any way. Once she was okay with it we went on our first ride and captured some good pics. Oh yeah, they named it "Dingy" by the way. Where Ian came up with that name, no clue, but they love to go for "Dingy" rides!
Ian First
I'm ready!
Nervous Nellie
Trail Ride

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

P.K. Fruen Photo Shoot

We had a great photo session when we were in Cocoa at Christmas time. Pat Fruen takes incredible pics. She is the photographer that captured the great picture of Ian and Emma mid scream (the photo we had the caption contest if you remember). If you are ever in the Cocoa, FL area and looking for a great photographer, look Pat up. Her website is

P.K. Fruen Photo Shoot

(Click photo to see the rest)