Monday, September 29, 2008

Whatchu Laughin' At?

We have the silliest babies. Sometimes for no reason and even at the oddest times, they will sit there, look at one another and just start laughing. It is the funniest thing you have seen. This is the cheapest form of entertainment here!


Ring around the Rosie...

Another oldie but goodie. Ian loves his new tractor from Granny. So much so he takes it from Emma and makes her cry; big meanie. Poor little Emma she tries to keep up with Speed Racer and just can't. We took them outside for a surprise ride on the tractor and ran them up and down the street on it and they couldn't get enough. Little Miss Sunshine cries when you take her off it because she doesn't want to stop riding. She drama queen!

Round and round he goes, where he stops no one knows!

And we're walking, we're walking...

Well it wasn't long after Ian began standing that he took to walking along the length of the couch. Of course it took some persuading with an electronic gadget. The next thing you know we'll blink our eyes and he will be big enough to walk the length of the bar to get his own Guiness.

Walk the Line

...You make bath time so much fun!

You know you're getting old if you remember this jingle; better yet if you remember the beginning of it. Bath time is a fun time we have with the kids. We close them in their room, undress them and then throw the door open to see if they can find the bathroom. Release the hounds! This was a long video so I had to cut it down to size. They bolted out the door and went right past the bathroom, but found their way once momma turned the water on.

Bath Time

Saturday, September 20, 2008

1st Clemson Game (Live)

Okay now I know if you remember an earlier post titled "Ist Clemson Game", it was when the kids were much younger and listened to it from their pack-n-play while we watched the game. Now this one is legit and they watched it live from the coveted "West Zone", thanks to G'Pa and G'Ma Marshall. We were worried about the chiren getting scared from the noise, people and especially the cannon fire, but they did great and looked to have a great time aside from one picture of Emma fussing.

1st Clemson Game

Get up Stand up...

Now that Ian and Emma are all over the place and falling over bonking their heads from time to time, we now have to worry about that little thing called elevation coupled with the acceleration from gravity. Ian has figured out how to pull himself up; therefore if he falls, the height and speed at which his head reaches the floor has just increased exponentially.

Monkey Boy