Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spontaneous Trip

We made a spontaneous jump to go to Charleston and visit some friends; moreover, to give momma the confidence she needs to travel and be on the road with them by ourselves. She does great but sweares she is no good and worried she will ruin their lives if everything thing is not perfect. What a great mother! Here are a few pictures of when we visited Brad, Sarah and Hunter. Hunter was enthralled with the babies and here he is enjoying his time holding the babies. Thank you guys for having us and for your hospitality; the sushi was great thanks!

Hunter and Babies
Hunter and Ian
Hunter and Emma

Thursday, April 17, 2008


This past weekend we made a surprise trip to Cocoa Beach, FL to visit Granny with the kids. It was a great surprise and a fun filled weekend with Granny, Auntie Tricia, Nathan and including their very first trip to the beach. We dipped their feet into the ocean. They didn't like it too much since the water was still a little chilly, however, they forgave us for it since they forgot about it so quickly. Following is a great montage of our weekend pics with a little Hawaiian beachy music. Careful, it will make your eyes well up a little; Ali must be giving me some estrogen pills or something or I must just be getting soft in my old age. I was weeping like a little girl watching this after its completion.

1st Beach Trip

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Blogger

Ian wasn't too pleased with the job I was doing with the blog site and the amount of postings I created, or the lack thereof, so he decided to take over and take care of the blog site all by his lonesome. He has taken quite well to the computer and has learned quickly without the help from his daddy other than a boost up to see what he is writing. See for yourself if you dont believe me.
New Editor-in-Chief