Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hissy Fit

Just like Dr. Jeckyl and Ms. Hide, Emma will be laughing one minute and throw her little hissy fit the next. Here is an example of her hissy fit while eating. We are not quite sure if it is because she doesn't like her squash or if it is because momma isn't feeding her fast enough.

Ms. Hissy

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bounce with me Bounce with me...

Ian loves his bouncer that Yaya Reid and Poppie Wayne bought him and his sister. He loves to get down in it and shake his thang. Here is a little mix of him jumping to the music. Check it out, check it check it out!

Lil Bouncer

Saturday, July 5, 2008


NYC here we come! She is such a little cutie patootie. She is such a ham, whenever the "hamera" comes out she strikes a look or a pose.

Gisele Who?

Play Station

The same weekend we went to the lake and had our first swim, Bob and Paula bought an excersaucer for the babies because we couldnt fit ours in the already "sausage casing" stuffed van of ours. It is a little different than the one they were used to but that didnt matter as they took right to it and loved it. Ian is already working on his first Frankestein while Emma just studies all of the pieces.

Mad Scientist
Emma plays

Little Crabs

We went to Florida for Tricia's (Ali's sister) babyshower. It was being held out side at their pool and Ali had found these crab floats she wanted to get for them. They absolutely loved them. They would sit inside these floats and just kick their legs like it was nobody's business. Unfortunately we ended our trip a little early as the babies caught their first cold and we left in the middle of the night not to impose. They were sick for the following week but they loved their little crab floats. Thanks mommy!

Little Crabs
Emma Crab Float
Ian Crab Float

First Swim

When visiting the lake house in Clemson we picked up a kiddie pool and tried to give the first swim thing a chance. As you can see from Emma's pouty lip she didnt like it too much at first but it was more so because we tried to do this right at her nap time. Dont take away from her nap time or she will let you know! You can see their cute little swim suits here, those didnt last long either. Especially Ian, the only suit he likes to wear is his birthday suit. Disclaimer: in order to keep this blog G rated the naked baby pictures in the pool were left out.
First Swim