Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Belated Easter Egg Hunt

I apologize this is late; I have been having issues with my laptop at work (where I usually post) and haven't been able to update posts.  Here is a little video montage of the kids at the Lowcountry's Largest Easter Egg Hunt held annually in Bluffton on the Bluffton High School football field.  There were thousands of people there, yes you heard me right, thousands.  It was their first Easter egg hunt and Emma grabbed the concept immediately and ran with it.  Ian, however, was content with the one blue egg he found and could have walked around with it all day if we let him.  We did go to two other Easter egg hunts, if you would click on Emma's tushy to the right to go to our web gallery, you will be able to see pictures of them.  Once there look for the Habersham and Oldfield Easter egg hunts.  Enjoy!

Lowcountry's Largest Easter Egg Hunt