Thursday, December 2, 2010

Clemson - Carolina Game [Thanksgiving Weekend]

Ian and Emma had a great time at the Clemson - Carolina game this past Thanksgiving weekend despite the outcome. Ian loves to do his Clemson fight song to where he has become quite good at spelling out Clemson and swirling his arm in the air. He made Grandpa proud a the game every time it was shouted. Pre-game, waiting on the band, ClemSanta stopped by the tailgate to see the kids (don't mind the flash and zombie eyes in the picture). We think Santa had been sipping back on too much of Mrs. Claus' eggnog, listening to him shout out to the band marching by and hi-fiving nearly EVER band member on his side of the street. It was a fun filled weekend and evening even though momma and grandma were a little under the weather and unable to attend.

Tiger Paw

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was super fun this year. This was actually the first year we went around to the different houses to go trick or treating. The past couple have been spent at the door handing out candy. We believe Little Miss Emma came out of her shell this past weekend. We thought that when the time came she would shy away and not want to wear her Dorothy costume, but oh no! Emma was gung ho and all about it, prancing around and modeling her Dorothy dress to everyone and loved every minute of attention she received. Ian just went with the flow even though his Scarecrow costume was agitating him a little. Click on the picture below to visit the rest of the photos in our Halloween 3 gallery.


3rd Birthday Party

We had a great turn out for the party and the kids loved having all of their friends and relatives there with them. Everyone had a great time, thank you to everyone for their help, coming to the party and for all of their gifts. Click on the photo below to redirect to our web gallery where you are free to download any pictures you like.

We're this many!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

We Miss You!

Ethan Robert Tucker

Happy Birthday buddy we miss you!


Birthday number 3 already? WOW! They were so excited for this day to come, we stormed into the room started singing happy birthday. Ian popped up with a big old grin on his face and Emma buried her face and started to cry. Poor thing, not sure if it was the terrible singing that made her cry or if it just scared her. Then we get downstairs and Emma doesn't want her cinnamon roll breakfast, just the usual bowl of cereal. After much persuasion, Emma finally agreed to blow out the candles and reached to grab one only to burn her finger on hot wax. Poor girl! Aside from the few moments of drama, it was a good morning! School party and family parties yet to come, YAY!!! (Click on any of the photos to see more on our web gallery).

We're 3!!!


Make a Wish!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First ER Visit

Well we had our very first Emergency room visit Sunday evening. Ian had broken out in hives which we were okay with as he was obviously fighting what we thought was some type of virus. What was of concern to us, which is visible in these photos, is the swelling of the face and eyes. He has no known allergies to us; however, whatever reaction he was having, we were afraid he was having an allergic reaction to something. Apparently we haven't left the 19th Century yet, because the fever, swelling and sandpaper like rash were all associated with Strep bacteria and in 2-5% of the cases, the reaction is Scarletitis or better known as 'Scarlet Fever'. Really? Didn't we leave that behind us long ago. And we thought all we had to worry about were the H1N1's and Swine Flu's, etc. I guess it is fitting because if something is going to happen to us, we ARE that 2-5%!

Throat Swab
First ER Bed

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend 2010

We made the trip to the upstate for the Holiday weekend and the Clemson Home opener. It was a fun relaxing weekend full of activities and playing. Below are a couple pictures that will take you to each web gallery to see more.

Lake Fun

Boat Ride Par 3 Course Clemson Home Opener

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Kids

Big Kids
Look how big they look now. They don't look like babies anymore!

Daddy Juice

Free for All
I taught the kids right! They only go for the best. From the look of this picture you would think that I sent them in the local Starbucks to get arm loads of coffee and bolt out the door. "Quick kids, run in, get the goods and head for the door!" What you can't see is the getaway car sitting just outside the door.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Orange and White Game with Gam'Ma Gam'Pa

Momma took the kids up to Clemson for the Annual spring Orange and White scrimmage and to see Gam'Ma Gam'Pa. There were jumpies there, as you can see below with Ian playing quarterback. There was also time for a boat ride which the kids love, however Ian kept complaining about his life jacket, ("boat backpack"), because it kept riding up and hitting him in the chin.

Lil' Quarterback

Emma Boat Ride Ian Driving the Boat

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend, VB 2010!

We made the trip to Va Beach for Easter this past weekend and for the first time with the babies to see Yaya Reid, Poppee Wayne, Aunt Paige, Uncle Jason and Cousin Conner. Aunt Keith also made a visit from Suffolk to see everyone, including the babies for the first time. I believe we all need a little vacation to rest from our vacation as Yaya Reid had so many events planned, we definitely got our fill of to do's. The kids had a great time and there were so many things to do, everything from the Botanical Garden, to the Aquarium, Mt. Trashmore, playgrounds, Easter egg hunts and candy oh my! The first picture will link you to the web gallery of the Easter Egg hunt while the second will link you to many of the weekends events and fun pictures.
Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Weekend

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Daffodil Farm 2010

This year we found a Daffodil Farm in Beaufort at Cruden Farms. It was closer that driving in to Bluffton to where we went to last years Daffodil Farm. The kids loved it! It was a little breezy chilly and a grey day but a beautiful day anyway. With kids this adorable it couldn't be anything other than a great day. Ian looks like a Gap model in these photos with his squinty eyes and Emma with her hair blowing in the wind. Mmm, couldn't you just eat them up? Beautiful babies! You can visit the rest of the photo web gallery by clicking on any of the photos below.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Habersham Trail Ride

Now that it has finally started to warm up and the massive 1-2 inches of snow melted (minutes later), we have been able to take a couple trail rides through the beautiful landscape of Habersham. You can see how picturesque it is through here and then throw in a couple adorable kids and what do you get...take a look and see.

Habersham Trails

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Blizzard of 2010!

(click picture for web gallery)
It was mass chaos in SC as the winter storm (Blizzard of 2010) rapidly approached. Before the first snowflake fell, the grocery stores were flooded with panic. Rioting and looting occurred to gather up all the canned goods and bottled water, just in case the mere couple inches we were supposed to get froze door hinges or prevented the doors from opening. Cars were parked in the garages and keys hung on their respective hooks as no one dare drive with a single snowflake on the streets to prevent the cars from spinning violently out of control off the roads.

Given that news flash, the kids had a great time playing in their first snow. They went running through it, made snowballs and even helped neighboring children build snowmen. It did turn into a double edge sword however as the kids played without gloves the first time (no thanks to mommy and daddy), their hands got cold and they began to cry. We told them to lets go inside and warm up our hands and come back out and that made them cry even more because they didn't want to go inside, rather play in the snow. It was a fun filled day and pictures to boot. Even the oxymoron picture of the palm tree with snow.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

You Gotta Love Toddlers!

Here's just a quick post of some of the funny statements conveyed to the toddlers recently:

"Don't eat your shoe, shoes are for wearing"

"Don't wipe your cheese on the counter, cheese is for eating not cleaning. I know you're trying to help, but it is actually making a bigger mess!"

"No the Wiggles cannot hold you, they are on TV!"

"Do you want chicken pot pie for lunch? Yes Snow White made it!"

"No Ian you may not jump off the train table like Grave Digger (the monster truck)"