Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ride that Daddy, Daddy...

The chiren are always climbing on legs and bouncing around as if they have put a quarter into the side of our knees and expect to get a ride out of them. You can see they don't take to kindly to the ride stopping either. Let's just hope the joints can hold up to all of the hyper-extensions going on.

Daddy Ride

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Babysitter

We have hired a new babysitter to help Ali out on the weekends while I have to work. He comes highly recommended, you can just leave the kids with him and they are happy all day. You just take the cushions down and cover the floor to catch their fall and Uncle Couch will do the rest to keep them busy. The best part of this is when Ian sees me getting ready to make coffee at the end, he runs over to make it with me and takes a dive off Uncle Couch. Good thing the cushions were there!

Uncle Couch

I'm Dancin'...I'm Dancin'

Next up on "So You Think You Can Dance", Ian and Emma. These two are the funniest when they hear music. Ian pushes all the buttons on his little music play table and does some dirty dancing, gyrating his hips all around like Shakira, while Emma likes to wiggle back and forth. Silly kids!

Dancing Babies


Ian is still on first syllables and can't complete some words like Caw..ffee. So the only thing that comes out, no matter what time of day or night he wants daddy to make coffee, is Caw?...Caw? He looks up, points in the general vicinity of the espresso machine and asks Caw? to see if daddy can go make some coffee even at night when I get home from work. It doesn't matter whether it would keep me awake all night, only that he would like to make some again. This is a daily ritual with us and he gets quite upset if I am not ready for coffee when he is.