Friday, October 24, 2008

A Walk to Remember

Tuesday evening, Ali, the babies and I went to "A Walk to Remember" at Memorial Hospital where they were born. This is an annual memorial for those who have lost a child. This evening was very special for us, not only because it was for Ethan, but also because this year it just so happened to be scheduled on their birthday, October 21, 2008. Each year, they try to have a theme for the memorial. Coincidentally the theme for the evening was "Ethan's Butterflies", which is a spiritual book written for those who have lost a child. When they read the book to us, we found that it was about a boy who passed and had a brother and sister, who coincidentally again was named Emma. Needless to say, we both turned and looked at each other in shock, now covered with goose bumps. Later in the evening we went outside to a water fountain where they had floating candles for a moment of silence. At this point they began to play our favorite song, which has been played on this blog, "Somewhere over the Rainbow" sung by IZ. It was very emotional, yet special for us as I believe things happen for a reason. This evening was written for us about our baby boy. We miss you son!

Ethan's Butterflies

A Name in the Sand

We would like to thank Jessica of for informing us of a lady in Australia who will go out to the beach and write the name of a child in the sand at sunset and post it on her blog It was very special to us as we had her write Ethan's name in the sand. We will always cherish what she has done for us and our little boy. We miss him. Here is what was posted on the blog.
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ethan Robert Tucker

Ethan Robert Tucker

Triplet A
Born into Heaven October 21, 2007
at 5:49am
Savannah, Georgia
Deeply missed by his Mommy, Daddy,
and triplet siblings Ian and Emma.
Until we meet again...

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sadly the time has come that our babies are growing older. It is hard to believe they are already 1yr old. Ali made little "1" cakes with icing for them to dig in. They weren't really sure what to think of it and it looks like Ian may be a little OCD as he didn't like having all that yick on his hands. Emma couldn't have cared less; she almost ate her whole cake. Little Miss Piggy.

What you don't see here in the video, is that immediately following the clean up Ian's face broke out in horrible hives giving us a little scare. We thought he may have had an egg allergy, but we now believe he had an allergic reaction to th food coloring in the icing. I can hear my sister, Paige, now. The video is a little lengthy, but it is fun.

Happy First Birthday!